I'm Isla, a certified kids yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and the founder of Twyst Yoga for Kids. With three children of my own, I understand the challenges young ones face in today's fast-paced world.

Our mission is clear: we aim to empower children to discover inner calm and nurture strong, healthy bodies and minds through yoga practice.

Twyst Yoga for Kids specialises in personalised yoga and breath-work experiences tailored to the unique needs and age groups of our young participants. Our carefully curated classes are designed to make learning fun and engaging while promoting physical and mental well-being.

Our program caters to children aged 4-18 and is available in various settings, including after-school classes, schools, and sporting excellence teams. Our expert instructors ensure a positive and enriching experience for each child, whether they're part of an energetic group or a focused team.

Moreover, we're proud to offer specialised Yoga Therapy for children with additional needs. These one-to-one or school-based sessions are crafted to address individual challenges, fostering emotional and physical growth with expert guidance and support.

At Twyst Yoga for Kids, we're dedicated to empowering children through the transformative benefits of yoga, helping them develop essential life skills and build a solid foundation for a healthier future. Join us on this journey of mindfulness, movement, and self-discovery!